The Kariye Museum on the slope that goes down from Edirnekapi north to Halic in Istanbul is the church of Khora Monastery. We do not know the date of the construction of this church that was consecrated to Jesus Christ. It is still not true whether or not this church was built in the fourth century. In the sources of

The Topkapi Palace in Sultanahmet, in the Istanbul district of Eminonü, was the center of the administration of the Ottoman Empire. It was built between the years 1460-1478 by the South so Mehmet the Conqueror to accommodate the Ottoman dynasty and spread to a wide area with buildings added in different periods. You enter the outer courtyard of the palace,

Saint Sofia Istanbul, one of the most important architectural works in history located just in front of the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet) in Sultanahmet Square (former Hippodrome or Plaza of Caves) continues to fulfill its historical mission, first as a church For 916 years, then as a mosque for 481 years, and last as a museum since 1935. Byzantine historians such